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Silver Sunrise Ring with Pear Blue Sapphire and Golden Sun, 4mm wide - Heather Ellis

The combination of colours in this Sunrise ring is so striking with a pear shaped blue sapphire contrasting wonderfully against the silver of the ring and the gold of the Sunrise engraving. The sapphire is set in a smooth sided bezel setting. Inside the ring and the Sun engraving are coated with gold vermeil, giving the ring a luxurious look. It will evoke all your favourite holiday memories, like getting up early (or staying up late) to watch the sun rise, enjoying cocktails as the sun goes down, strolling on the beach hand in hand or enjoying the crunch under foot on those wintery mornings with the bright sun shining down. The ring is approximately 4mm wide. It is flat on the outside and the rounded inside makes it extremely comfortable to wear. The matt silver surface has been brushed in different directions giving a lovely contrast with the gold.

Approximately 4mm wide, 1.5mm deep

Materials - Sterling silver, 22ct gold-plate, blue sapphire

Gemstone - 5mm x 3mm pear shaped blue sapphire

Handmade in England