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My Story

Claire Troughton portrait with her dogCommissioning a bespoke piece of jewellery or even purchasing online can sometimes be a daunting process, so I'd like to take the mystery out of it and tell you a little bit more about my background in jewellery design and how I can help you create your perfect piece of jewellery. I'm Claire (the one on the right!) and if you come to visit the studio you'll probably also be greeted by our friendly Head of Security, Clementine the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.
Pink tourmaline statement ring set in gold on silver band

Our studio

is a relaxed space where you are welcome to come and discuss everything that you are looking for in a piece of jewellery as well as the weather, dogs, current affairs and everything in between! I like to get a true feel for your story, to really understand what will be the perfect design for you or your loved one. It's a real workshop, not a glitzy boutique, so you will see all the tools it takes to make your special piece. Visit the Your Story page to see what we might discuss at your consultation or Contact me with any queries.

Early Inspiration

I grew up in Yorkshire and was often taken on long walks by my family who taught me to identify plants by their leaves and birds by their song. My fascination with the beauty surrounding us continued through my art college years where I made vessels and jewellery from bark, leaves and flowers foraged from the forest. Today I create stunning jewellery collections celebrating the sculptural plants and tiny creatures of the great British countryside. I am fascinated by capturing a snap-shot of life; A butterfly gently landing on a flower, the first unfurling of a leaf and the fat and furry bumble bees buzzing around in the summer. Using traditional goldsmithing techniques I translate the delicacy and fleeting beauty of nature into more permanent objects of desire. Through the use of predominantly silver, with touches of gold, a distinctive style has been created.

Lots of my nature inspired jewellery is in the online shop for you to browse from the comfort of your home and I'm adding more all the time. If there's something you've seen on social media that you can't find in the shop please do enquire. Most silver pieces can be shipped within a week, but gemstone and gold pieces take a little longer. If you're in a rush I have curated a selection of gemset and gold pieces in the 'Ready to Ship' collection that are in stock and can be shipped the next day. Should you prefer to see the jewellery in person and you're not local please check the stockist page for shops that regularly display and sell my work.

Jewellery sketches by Claire Troughton
Claire Troughton making a silver bee pendant

Goldsmithing skills

I have been passionate about creating jewellery ever since I first entered the workshops at the prestigious Edinburgh College of Art way back in 1992. I've never forgotten the feeling of being immediately at home and 30 years later there are still very few places that bring me the sense of calm that I feel when working at the bench. Each unique jewellery piece is skillfully hand crafted using traditional goldsmithing practices, alongside some more modern techniques. Whether you choose one of my ready made designs or decide to commission an engagement ring, wedding ring, eternity ring or a special jewellery piece designed to your style you can be assured of the greatest attention to detail

Gold twig engagement rings with green sapphire, white diamond and salt & pepper diamonds

30 years of jewellery design


I have a BA(Hons) degree in jewellery design from  Edinburgh College of Art, but it is the past 25 years,since graduating, that has really taught me my craft. I spent 10 years in Birmingham's historic Jewellery Quarter establishing my brand as well as learning traditional jewellery skills and building a network of the finest gem and bullion dealers . In 2005 I moved to Cheshire to be closer to family and am now based in a converted building next to my home in Chester. This gives me the flexibilty to offer appointments to fit in with your busy lifestyle. The studio isn't open for drop ins, so please do book in advance. I specialise in unique engagement rings and wedding rings as well as one-off pieces of jewellery and have won several awards from industry experts. Silver, platinum and all carats of gold can be used for your design alongside diamonds and precious gemstones.