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Amazing Green Sapphire Recycled Gold Ring Commission

My client S came to me with an idea for a really special ring. She wanted to use the 18ct gold from a puzzle ring left to her by her beloved uncle to make something which would evoke memories of him as well as the seaside, which is her favourite place to be. She had in mind a large green sapphire as the central stone, but it had to be just the right shade. Through my contacts with some of the best gemstone dealers I was able to have a selection of sapphires sent to me without charge for her to view. Unfortunately none of these stones were just what she was looking for, so the process went on over several months. I contacted sapphire specialists and they sent me examples of what they thought would fit the bill and S came in to view them. Eventually we came across this unique 2.15ct cushion cut sapphire, which actually made my client cry! It has a graduated colour to it rather than just a flat green, so really has a sea feel to it. It took a lot of work, but was worth it for her reaction in finding the perfect gemstone. This is the magic of having a bespoke piece made.

All of the gold came from her inherited ring, which I melted down and worked into usable form. It was a little tricky at times as it didn't always want to behave itself. When I spoke to my client this was the personality of the original wearer too, being a bit of a joker, so it seemed very fitting. My client is a bit of a magpie, so I also added some diamonds for extra sparkle. It is a 2 part ring and can be worn together or as 2 separate rings.