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Matt's Welsh Rose Gold and Cornflower Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring Commission

Matt wanted to create a really special engagement ring for his fiancée while keeping an understated sophistication to the design. To reflect his Welsh roots he really wanted to incorporate Welsh gold. Unfortunately Welsh gold is exceptionally rare and difficult to get hold of. There are certain large brands who claim to make jewellery from Welsh gold. However the percentage of pure Welsh gold actually used is microscopic and there is no way to test to prove it is included at all.

After an extensive search I was lucky enough to be able to source a few grams of pure Welsh gold from a gentleman who has the rights to a disused mine. I was able to add this to some other 18ct yellow, rose and white gold to make a beautifully subtle rose gold alloy, especially created to suit Matt's fiancée's skin tone. We then picked a dazzling cornflower blue sapphire from Sri Lanka to complete the design and reflect his fiancée's heritage.

If you would like to commission something similar please get in touch. I have only a very tiny amount of Welsh gold remaining at the time of writing this, but could incorporate a very small percentage into a design. Prices are for guidance only and all commissions will be quoted individually.